Namibia has the highest sun radiation levels in the world in comparison with the other countries. And it definitely should be used: the sun energy converted to electricity has many applications which has gained a huge acceptance over the recent years mainly due to constant increase in tariffs and availability of electricity.

NEC Power & Pumps are pioneers in these field of having introduced solar PV systems to the Telecom and Broadcasting Corporation in the early 1970.

  1. Solar Grid Tied Systems

  2. The solar energy generated by the solar panels is converted to AC power by the Grid Tied Inverter and feed into the AC Grid. Because of the technical conception of these systems energy generated is consumed immediately. A possible access of energy will be feed into the public grid against a compensation.

    Main advantages of these system – whether small or big:

    • No running cost
    • 25 years performance output
    • 6 – 7 year return of investment
    • independent on increase in tariffs.


    Domestic households ranging from 2 – 10kWp Grid Tied:

    Solar Photovoltac  Grid Tied Systems

    Industrial system ranging up to MWp systems – super markets / factories / shopping centers:

    Solar Photovoltac  Grid Tied Systems Solar Photovoltac  Grid Tied Systems

  3. Island / Off Grid Systems

  4. Solar Off Grid systems are used in areas where there is not utility power. In vast remote regions where there is no electrical grid supply, a Solar Photovoltaic Off-Grid System is the answer to electrical needs. Also known as Stand-Alone Systems, they are totally independent from the Electrical Grid.

    Applications are farms, lodges, remote villages and transmission stations.

    Solar Island / Off Grid Systems