Another project completed

Beginning of August this year NEC installed another off-grid Solar System Off-Grid on a farm. The owner opted for the new AxiStorage Lithium Ion batteries, which are maintenance free and offer a long term, high quality solution to any client.

Three 10.5 kWh AxiStorage batteries have been installed with a total usable 25.5 kWh at 80% DoD – delivering up to 8 000 cycles.

The AxiStorage batteries have a much higher charge and discharge cycle and can be discharged down to 20%, compared to, for example only 50% for Lead carbon batteries. And they last up to 30 years (expected life time is 20-25 years).

Together with the market leading Solahart geysers, the owner of this 6.5kWp PV island system has installed a top of the range system with a system design life of up to 20 years. The Batteries might last longer if they are not depleted too deeply. The Axitec panels installed come with a 15 year warranty and a 25 year output guarantee of min 85%.