Solahart super-shield hot water geyser

Solahart super-shield

SOLAHART SUPER-SHIELD ENAMEL TANK PROTECTION Solahart’s unique, industry-leading cobalt blue enamel formula offers optimum tank protection against corrosion, as it is specifically designed to withstand the high temperatures solar water heaters are subjected to.  During the manufacturing process, the tank is welded together utilising precision laser technology and the unique formula is applied using a[…]

Solar Pump Kit

Solar Pump Kits

RFA Project across Namibia As part of the National Drought Relief Program, 41X solar water pumping sites throughout Namibia are being installed by NEC Power & Pumps. The project is funded by the Road Fund Administration. During last week, an official inauguration took place in Otjozondupa Region / Ombuu in the presence of high ranking[…]