Green Energy Packages – a new great deal from NEC

Don’t miss out on NEC’s super deals and start saving on your monthly bills up to N$ 1750 now!

  • 3.2 kW Grid tie PV system with 180L Solahart – N$ 72 270 excl. VAT (T&C apply)
    N$ 1200 savings / month
  • 4.2 kW Grid tie PV system with 180L Solahart – N$ 83 410 excl. VAT (T&C apply)
    N$ 1400 savings / month
  • 5.2 kW Grid tie PV system with 300L Solahart – N$ 101 060 excl. VAT (T&C apply)
    N$ 1750 savings / month

Return of investment is approximately 3-4 years, with the warranties mentioned above you would already produce “free” electricity after 3-4 years and your equipment will last you for many years to come after that.

Finance options are available through banking instructions with options of repayment periods of 3 to 5 years, e.g. FNB Renewable energy loan.

Our products are top of the range and come with the highest industry warranties.