Agricultural and Domestic Solutions

NEC Power and Pumps serves as a one stop shop when buying pumps for agricultural and/or domestic uses with the wide range of products available from Grundfos.

Whether it is a borehole pump, solar powered or electricity driven, booster pumps for water transfer or irrigation applications or a booster pump to increase pressure or pump waste water, NEC will assist to select the best and most cost effective solution for your requirements.

Grundfos water pumps - agricultural and domestic solutions
Some of Grundfos Pumps benefits:

  • Low energy consumption.
  • The AUTOADAPT function ensures energy savings
  • Built-in differential-pressure and temperature sensor
  • Safe selection
  • Simple installation
  • No maintenance and long life
  • Extended user interface with TFT display
  • Control panel with self-explanatory push buttons made of high-quality silicone
  • Work log history
  • Easy system optimization
  • Heat energy meter
  • Multi-pump function
  • External control and monitoring enabled via add-on modules

Grundfos water pumps logo
– Grundfos continuously strives to meet future challenges within the areas of global climate, environment and energy. Grundfos develops trend-setting and high-technology solutions that are at the same time environmentally sustainable for the benefit of the people.