The call of taking up social responsibility is a way of paying back to the community in appreciation of the business support it gets, which is to be practiced by all firms with the capability.

social-responsibility-1 NEC has seen the need to answer the call and donated a solar geyser of 300 litres to the Dolam Children’s home situated in Katutura, which cares for children who have no accommodation option, as either their parents have passed away due to AIDS or they are infected themselves with AIDS. This will guarantee hot water especially during winter season and will give a reason for the children to look forward a warm bath daily.
social-responsibility-2 Dolam Children’s home spokesperson, Ms Claire, said, “Certainly without your assistance this would’ve remained just a dream and the kids would surely be avoiding taking a bath at the thought of cold water. Instead, the children of the Dolam Children’s Home now have access to 300 l of hot water, which means there shall certainly be no excuses for not showering daily, with the added bonus that their electricity consumption should be reduced drastically.”
social-responsibility-3 In June 2014 NEC also donated another solar geyser of 300 l to the Women Solidarity of Namibia. It’s a big home based in the centre of Windhoek, they aim to accommodate expectant mothers with unwanted pregnancies, as well as young girls who are victims of domestic violence, rape and molestation. They target women who could resort to “baby-dumping” and take in babies who are not wanted by their mothers at a special “baby drop-off point”.
social-responsibility-4 Mrs Rosa Namises, the Director of Women Solidarity of Namibia, states that, “We provide education, safe space and support for them and without generous donations such as yours, our organisation would not keep up with the ever rising electricity cost and these young women would not be given a hot water treat that they need so much. So please extend our gratitude to all involved in making this happen.” NEC is pleased about the offer it made, which will significantly reduce electrical costs on a long term basis.
social-responsibility-5 NEC also gives quarterly contributions to three other organisations, The Young Adults, Prosperity Youth and Zolar’s Kindergarten which is based in Otjiwarongo.
social-responsibility-6 The CATS (Commercial Advanced Training Scheme) is one of the outstanding academic upliftments that is aimed at young people who want to acquire business administration skills and fundamental commercial skills. CATS is a German based educational dual system of two years; the theory part is done with the Polytechnic of Namibia, while the practical part is with the participating company. The companies pay the yearly tuition fee for the program and support the individuals throughout the course. NEC has been committed to taking in a trainee every year since 2007, whereby some of the graduates now are full-time employees and two more candidates are enrolled.
One of the most outstanding stepping stones NEC considered is making a remarkable change in the future life of six students from the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) for internship which started on the 1st October 2014 for a period of six months.