Solar Thermal

NEC has been associated with Solahart Australia since early 1980 and holds the Solahart Agency status in Namibia. For over 35 years NEC Power & Pumps has been actively promoting Solahart solar water heating systems in Namibia for the domestic and commercial usage. NEC offers a variety of systems suitable and custom made to suit many different applications.

The 35 track record of Solahart products in Namibia makes this product the only system that has proven itself to be reliable and robust to withstand the extreme harsh climate and water conditions through out Namibia.

  1. Domestic Applications

  2. The Solahart Series J & K system is an SABS approved domestic indirect thermosiphon solar system with 150, 180 and 300L storage tanks suitable for residential homes, lodges, tent camps, schools, hostels.

    solar water heating systems domestic
    Main tech features which differentiates Solahart from other products:

    • Double virteous ceramic lining inside tank
    • Water speader and full tank length sacrificial anode
    • Thick tank insulation
    • 36 riser absorber
    • 35 year track record in Namibia.


  3. Commercial Application

  4. solar water heating systems commercial

    Solahart Heat Store III is a centralised solar thermal solution that is designed to cater for big hot water demand applications such as:

    • hotels,
    • industry,
    • mining wash house,
    • apartment buildings,
    • dormitories,
    • barracks
    • and hostels.

    To optimize performance Solahart Commercial Solar Water Heaters use the proven Drain Back Principle.


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