Solar makes financial sense!

Another two companies have joined the ever increasing portfolio of Namibian businesses investing in the purchase of a solar system: Zimmermann Garage in the Southern Industrial Area (90 kWp) and Fresh Produce Market in Prosperita (406 kWp), Windhoek.

Along with the impact on our environment, going solar is primarily an economically viable choice as operating costs are reduced from Day one after installation and as a result these savings can be re-invested into their business.

With solar energy, the cost of energy remain fixed and low while your profits grow. Even when national electricity tariffs increase!
Although the initial investment is costly, the payback would be around 3-4 years only for the PV systems. The Inverters have a 5 year warranty. The Solar PV panels have a 10 year factory warranty and a 25 year min 80% output Guarantee. Therefore the system components, being very high quality products, give significantly more years of reliable solar energy compared to the initial investment.