Worried about increasing electricity costs?

With a yearly increase of around 10% per unit, expenditures on electricity will become increasingly more expensive year after year.
As from July 2017, the ECB (Electricity Control Board) will introduce a new net metering rule. This means that all solar system clients producing more than they are consuming will receive N$ 1.13 per unit credited onto their account which will be valid for one financial year.

Although the initial investment is costly, this investment will pay itself off over the next 4-5 years.
In comparison, the Solar PV panels have a 10 year factory warranty and a 25 year minimum 80% output guarantee. Therefore the system components, being very high quality products, give you significantly more years of reliable solar energy compared to the initial investment.

If you are currently connected to the electricity grid and want to find out more about using solar to reduce your bill, you can request more information from our team.


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